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Lightweight, non-comedogenic and a rich source of fatty acids and antioxidants, squalene is gentle, hydrating, and believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. In other words, squalene is a true multitasker and deserves pride of place in your skincare regimen.


Squalene a natural antioxidant that mimics the skins natural oils, making it an excellent emollient. It boosts hydration in skin, making the skin appear more vibrant and healthier. The antioxidants in Squalene help fight against skin damage and free radicals. A potent hydrator and detoxifier, Squalene is safe for acne-prone and sensitive skin.

Squalene penetrates the pores and improves the skin at a cellular level, but it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Regular use can boost collagen production, resulting in firmer skin. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it the right product for oily acne prone and sensitive skin.

Squalane is structurally similar to natural Squalene present in sebum, which helps it get easily absorbed to provide a smooth, silky, non-greasy finish. Plant derived Squalane also coats the surface of the skin to lock in moisture, slow down water loss that leads to dry skin, and soothe the skin from external irritants.

To incorporate the hydrating benefits of Squalene into your beauty routine, you could use clarifying face oil for oily skin types and Elixir of Joy for Sensitive Skin type.

Clarifying face oil - Working in tandem with broccoli seed oil, Tamanu and Cucumber Oil. This oil blend detoxifies skin, regulates sebum production, soothes and encourages skin to heal. The Oil contains Chamomile and tea tree essential oils for their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Elixir of Joy - working in tandem with Chia seed oil, Evening primrose , cucumber and watermelon seed oil. This synergetic oil blend boosts the resilience of sensitive skin, calm, soothe and restore irritated skin, improve wound healing and balance sebum production.

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