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How much oil do I use?

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3-4 drops of the oils and 1 drop of our under eye treatment is an appropriate amount for the full face. Absorption will be aided by misting beforehand.

I have oily skin, can I still use an Oil?

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Counterintuitive to what you may think, oils clear up congestion more efficiently than any other method as oils can dissolve oils that naturally occur in the skin as sebum penetrating deeply into the skin and breaking up blockages.

Essential Fatty Acids have numerous benefits for the skin as they act as building blocks in the skin cells, strengthening the skin’s surface layers for a smoother, healthier and younger-looking complexion. Omega 3 oils assist in controlling inflammation and Omega 6 oils can relieve a greasy feeling by thinning naturally occurring sebum found on the surface of the skin. They are also effective at easing eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff.

What is the best way to use an oil?

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For best absorption, layer products in immediate succession starting with the lightest product to the heaviest. Allow a few moments for each product to penetrate between steps. If you are using oil on its own we recommend applying it while the skin is still damp. Massage approximately ¼ to ½ dropper and warm between palms. Smooth over face/neck/chest avoiding eye contour area. The massage will help stimulate circulation by assisting the blood and lymphatic system.

Will a facial oil break me out?

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There are some skin types that are considered ‘true acne’ that experience a skin condition that affects the hair follicles and oil glands. There is an overproduction of sebum and a weaker hair shaft which restricts the ability for the oil to flow to the surface and form part of the barrier function. There are many oils in various forms that are considered ‘comedogenic’ and will further block these glands which will accelerate breakouts.

Our Facial Oils are  lightweight  and non- comedogenic, designed to balance oil production by providing a balanced synergy vitamins, minerals and essential omega fatty acids to the skin.

I have sensitive skin and sometimes suffer from allergies. Are your products suitable?

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Elixir of Joy has been formulated for sensitive skin types, it is made of lightweight, non-comedogenic oils. We openly disclose our ingredients, on the website and the packaging, so if there's any ingredient you think you may react to, you'll see it clearly listed in Latin (INCI) and common English on the ingredient panel.

All ingredients are generally safe for all skin types, but some people may still have individual allergies to certain plant botanicals. The same holds true for any cosmetic or food ingredient. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to sensitisation, buy samples and test on the inside of your arm by placing a small amount of product on your arm, covering with Elastoplast and leaving overnight. If there is no reaction, you are generally good to go!

How can I tell a product is breaking me out?

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The best practice is to introduce products individually so you can easily determine products that are not agreeing with your skin. Product breakouts generally appear as small bumps underneath the surface of the skin, or small black heads or milia. Sometimes these will occur as your skin purges synthetic products or becomes used to a new ingredient. Introducing products slowly will allow your skin to adjust.

How long will it take to see a difference in my skin?

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Natural and organic skin care have a balancing, detoxifying effect which is a long-term program with ongoing results. For some products, you may see a difference immediately, as skin gets a super-dose of nutrients and moisture. For other products, such as Under Eye Treatment, the repair work is happening at the deeper layers of the skin and results may take a few months. Generally, most people new to the products will see a visible difference and improved skin health within a couple of weeks and an improvement in skin conditions such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation within three months.

Plant based ingredients have active constituents like antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and essential omega fatty acids that encourage the skin to regenerate, hydrate, tone, stimulate, heal, nourish, relax, and tighten.

To reach the optimal goal of clear, radiant skin you'll need to balance your internal system through a well balanced, nutritional program based on unprocessed, whole foods.


Why should I avoid chemicals in Skincare?

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Your skin is extremely permeable. It transpires as well as absorbs, especially leave-on products like facial creams, hair dyes and make-up. Exposure to small amounts of various toxins everyday accumulate in the tissues and organs of your body. Recent scientific studies show that a lot of chemicals are toxic even at very low doses. Some chemicals may be the culprits of the infertility epidemic. If you're concerned about your hormones and infertility, you're better off avoiding unnecessary chemicals.  If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, your baby is more susceptible to the chemicals you place on your body.

Why should I make the switch?

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The long term effects of using chemicals and their combinations is unquantifiable and impossible to define. More people are experiencing allergies and sensitivities and terminal illnesses as a direct result of environmental pollutants. Our ongoing exposure can be accumulative so the more we can minimise chemicals and toxins, the better it is for our health and well-being. The manufacturing of chemicals that are found in most products creates further pollutants and environmental damage. By choosing organic you can help alleviate your impact and environmental footprint.

Do natural ingredients really work?

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Plant based cosmetics work in the same way that nutrients work in food. Our bodies will absorb what they require. Antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids and vitamins assist with skin maintenance and cellular regeneration and can act as free radical deterrents creating a sustainable impact upon the entire organism.

The human organism recognises and readily assimilates active ingredients from plant cells in an integrated and proportional way. They are absorbed, rather than treated as synthetic and unrecognisable foreign bodies that end up being stored. The skin cells receive a balanced source of energy from plants so that every component is complementary to the whole improving overall cell vitality.

Are your products natural?

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Yes! We only use 100% natural ingredients. We also are a “clean” brand, meaning we use safe ingredients that only do good for your skin and body. All our products are made in Australia, and follow the strict health and safety laws.

Are Melbourne Natural products suitable for babies?

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Absolutely! All of our body care range is suitable for babies and children.

Is your packaging planet-friendly?

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At Melbourne Naturals we believe that great skincare should not come at a cost to our planet and it’s our mission to bring climate conscious products to the masses. A huge part of our ethos is creating sustainable and ethical products that are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin, and this includes our packaging. Our bottles and boxes are all recyclable and can be disposed of by popping them in your weekly recycling collection. Always make sure you wash out any old product and remove labels before recycling or even better...sterilise your old Melbourne Naturals bottles and reuse them.

If you ever have any suggestions, please shoot them over to us at or DM us at @melbournenaturals.

Where are the products manufactured?

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All our products are manufactured in our custom built facility in Point Cook, Victoria, Australia.

What is the expiry date?

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For maximum efficacy and freshness, we recommend our products are used within 6 months of opening. When our unopened products are stored correctly (in a dry, cool place out of light) they are "safe" to use within 18 months of manufacture. If you live in an extremely hot climate, keep products out of direct sunlight in a cool, dark place. It’s best to think of skin care in the same way as you would fresh food. Ingredients are at their best when fresh and not heavily preserved. The expiry date is found on the label of the bottle. Products should be stored below 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do you have samples?

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We have samples in 9 ml size, so you can test the product before committing to the full size product.

Are you Vegan and Cruelty-free?

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Yes! We are proud to say that we do not test any of our products on animals. At Melbourne Naturals, we believe that all beauty should be cruelty free.

Are your products ethically made?

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We’re trying our best to ensure every ingredient we source, every partner we collaborate meets our values and standards of doing good for the planet and people.

All of our products are also vegan, and cruelty-free, and formulated in accordance to, safe ingredient standards. And we're proud to be sustainably made.

What Should I do with my empty bottles?

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We have instructions on how to recycle all of our items in our blog post here.


Help my payment got declined!

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If your payment is declined, please check and ensure that all of your details have been entered correctly, including your billing address. If you’re still having no luck placing your order, please contact your bank directly. 

How can I edit my order?

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If you’re quick, you can contact us within 30 mins of placing your order to amend any mistakes within your delivery address or order. Unfortunately, once your order has been shipped, we cannot redirect order. Please email us at with the word "Change" in the subject line as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to edit your order once it's been placed, but we'll do our best!

How do I cancel an order?

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Please email us at with the word "CANCEL" in the subject line as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that we'll be able to cancel your order once it's been placed, but we'll do our best!


Shipping Policy

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Flat rate $1 shipping on all orders. We do not ship to PO Box address or parcel lockers.

How long will it take for my order to reach me?

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We will always attempt to ship a completed order within an estimated 48 hours, please allow up to 3-5 business days during sale events.

Returns Policy

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For all full priced items, you may return Products to us for exchange or refund within 7 days of receipt of the products, provided that the products are unopened and unused.

We do not accept returns for items on sale, gift vouchers or custom/special orders.

To return an item, please email with your order number and item/s you wish to return and you will be provided with an RA number and return shipping address for your order.

Once we have received the returned Products, we will notify you via email of your entitlement. If you are eligible for a refund, this will be processed within 7 business days.

All merchandise that is correctly returned in accordance with the details contained within this page will be credited to the purchaser’s Paypal account or credit card.

The shipping costs incurred by the purchaser will not be refunded except when a product is faulty or delivered as a result of our error. 

All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser unless in the event an incorrect item was received. 


Would love to collaborate or request products to review. Who do I contact?

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Thank you! We’re so flattered you want to share Melbourne Naturals with the Community. Please email a short description as to why you love Melbourne Naturals with links to your social media/blog at and let’s talk there.

I would love to get more involved, do you ever need product testers?

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We’re always looking for beauty insiders to co-create with and vet our formulas. Join our community on Instagram to stay in the loop with what we’re working on, participate in product testing, and chat about all things skin. And if you just want to drop some private feedback, DM us on Instagram or email us at

I Would love to sell Melbourne Naturals at my store, who can I talk to?

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Thank you! We’re so thrilled that you are interested in what we have to offer. Please email with a detailed description of your location, retail business, brands you currently stock and links to your website and social media. We’ll have a chat!

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