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Skin and Water

Drink your way to healthy glowing skin.

We all know that we should drink water, but ever wondered why? Water is a gift of nature. It aids in digestion, circulation, absorption, and excretion. 

Skin is the biggest organ in the body, and it reflects what goes on inside the body. Our skin is made of cells, and these cells are made of water. Without water, our organs including the skin will not be able to function to the best of their abilities.

If our bodies are dehydrated, it gets difficult for the toxins to be flushed out. When these toxins can not be flushed out, they present themselves as different skin issues. Water hydrates the skin and makes it plump, which in turn decreases the signs of aging. Who doesn’t want soft, plump, glowing skin?

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Drinking water can make you feel super fresh, uplift your mood and help say bye-bye to a lot of health issues. How much water your body needs will depend on your lifestyle, the weather and how much you sweat, the environmental pollution, and your overall health.

As a rule of thumb, you should drink a litre of water, first thing in the morning. Our bodies work in sync with the sun. We are most active during the day and start slowing down in the evening, to rest at night. It works the same way with water intake, we should take the maximum amount of water during the day, and decrease water consumption at night. Lower consumption of water at night will reduce your run to the loo in the middle of the night, meaning you are well-rested and ready for the next day.

Water intake will keep your gut healthy, help in proper digestion, and flush toxins out. Drinking water increases elasticity and decreases puffiness in the skin.

There are a lot of ways, you could make your water interesting. Depending on the weather, you could add cucumber slices, mint leaves, a slice of lemon to your water, or you could add fruits to water, to make it more refreshing and get your body used to the increase in water consumption.

Remember to be easy on yourself and that small changes can be the most impactful. Something as simple as water can change your skin, mood, internal health, and life.

Go drink yourself to healthy skin. Drink up!

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